My Mission

“To deliver reliable solutions, using the best combination of technology and value for your business.”

About Me

I am the Founder of SMBMSP, Principal of Rick Mahn & Associates, and a Senior Consulting Engineer with CDW in their Microsoft Monitoring and Management services team. With nearly 25 years in Information Technologies Architecture experience and a decade of work with Social Media, my mission is to help people and organizations carry out their goals through the use of both proven and emerging techniques and technologies.

What I Do

I keep pace with changes in technology, sharing the knowledge gained as an early adopter with my clients. By working with new techniques and technologies early on, I am able to compare the benefits of new ideas with the tried & true practices that have made the Information Technology industry successful. I find the bits that work, or those that have promise, and leave the hype behind.

Ideas are easy, change is hard. Embrace Change

Rick has a proven track record of delivering complex projects. He is able to convey ideas and concepts both verbally and written eloquently. Rick is a gifted techologist with a wide range of knowledge. He is able to grasp technology issues quickly and can also convert those ideas into formal process and procedure documents. Rick was one of the key players in implementing Protegrity to meet the businesses PCI requirements. Rick has a tenacious and reliable attitude toward getting the job done. I highly recommend his work.

Jay Krause (CISSP) Jay Krause (CISSP)